You CAN conquer diabetes! Drugs, exercise and diet ‘helps type 2 diabetes’

Treatment can reverse Type 2 diabetes in just four months, a study found.

Patients were put on a rigorous diet, exercise program and combination of insulin jabs and drugs.

Routine check-ups were received by them with a nurse and dietician.

Participants were set on a rigorous diet, exercise program and mix of drugs and insulin jabs

Some 41 percent remained symptom-free few months after quitting drugs.

That compares with 21 percent who followed the plan for two months, and 14 percent among those who received their therapy.

Researchers from McMaster University, in Ontario, Canada, said patients could find the results “very attractive”.

Diabetics are encourages to follow a healthy diet That’s low in sugar, saturated fats and sodium

It creates a range of symptoms which can be life-shortening and disabling and affects over 4million people.

The majority of patients have the Type 2 form of the disorder, which involves poor sensitivity to the hormone insulin, produced in the pancreas.

It is linked to obesity and lifestyle and generally regarded but not cured.



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Study leader Dr Natalia McInnes stated: “The findings support the notion that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, at least in the short term.

“The study may shift the paradigm of treating diabetes from just controlling glucose to an approach in which we induce remission and then monitor patients for any signs of relapse.

“The idea of reversing the disorder is quite attractive to individuals with diabetes.

Natalia McInnes states that the idea that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed functions as a motivator to those with the disorder

“This likely gives pancreas a break and decreases fat stores in the body, which in turn improves insulin production and effectiveness.”

Emily Burns, from Diabetes UK, said: “We all know that diet, exercise and drugs can help individuals with Type 2 diabetes to manage their condition.

Type 2 diabetes sufferers in Britain have ‘worst blood sugar control’ around Europe

“We’re beginning to see mounting evidence that putting Type 2 diabetes in to remission is feasible also.

“This is actually intriguing study, but we want more trials in larger numbers of individuals to find out whether their approach works for the long-term.

“Research in this area is looking amazingly promising.

“In the meantime, we invite individuals with Type 2 diabetes to follow a nutritious diet that is low in sugar, saturated fats and sodium.”

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