World Diabetes Day — Cayman27

It’s World Diabetes Day, a day dedicated to creating awareness about this deadly disease, one Cecil Goddard knows all to well.

He explained,  “I had a Couple of friends that would not listen, they are now in the grave yard.     It’s sad, since they do not have to worry there.” Mr Goddard is also combating diabetes and he states he was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004 while he tried to look after himself and that his family had a history of diabetes.

“I normally was quite careful and used to test myself all the time, therefore I realized one day that it had been a little high so that is how I knew,” said Mr Goddard. Since then he states that his lifestyle has certainly changed, “I go to the gym enjoys five times each week and if I do not go to the gym I walk so lifestyle and diet is very very important.” Said Mr Goddard.

General Practitioner in the HSA, Dr Ana Matthews agrees, she states the largest contributor to persons is the lifestyle. She stated, “Among the things that’s lacking within our modern-day life is physical action when I say exercise I do not necessarily mean you should go and join a gym but you must improve you daily physical activity.”

Crowds gathered to get their blood sugar tested Tuesday.     Talk to professionals regarding their health. HSA’s Community Dietitian Tamara Riley says balance is essential. She stated, “We usually try not to use that word entirely no, you do not really wish to turn off people, what you wish to do would be to educate people about their limits you would like to talk to individuals about number moderation and balance.”

Mr Goddard warned that for the outcomes Can Be Quite detrimental.     This year’s theme for World Diabetes Day is women and diabetes.


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