WHO Study on Diabetes

No, not as in “Horton Hears a.. .” (been there, done that). Rather, the World Health Organization(WHO) declared last monththat it is initiating a research on the economic effect of diabetes “for a world-wide implementation model for controlling the disorder.”

I guess it is wrong to be excited about the fact that diabetes is no longer regarded as a “lifestyle disease” of wealthy countries, but rather now ranks as one of the world’s most serious non-communicable diseases. They are currently talking about 366 million diabetes patients worldwide by 2030 — including 1 in 7 people in Korea, and 1 in 7 people in Puerto Rico. Geez! Naturally, I am not happy about this, but the massive economic effect this disease is getting on countries such as India, China, and Africa signifies Orange Alert around the world. Along with also the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The International Diabetes Foundations’ “Diabetes Action Today” is instructing people in low- and – middle-income states to treat and protect against diabetes through simple measures like healthful eating and physical activity. They’re hoping to prevent millions of cases for this intervention. With just a little tweaking to focus on sedentary lifestyle and anti-overeating, envision what this type of broad intervention program could do for the United States!

Meanwhile, my 7-year-old brought home a crayoned picture of the Food Pyramid among her other college newspapers yesterday. “What’s this? ,” I asked. “Oh, a few science stuff,” she said. Hmm, I would say a good third of those kids in her school are obese. How about a program to educate kids to turn the Four Food Groups theory into practice?

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