Wayback Wednesday: Type 1 Diabetes

A return in an article from September 2005. The one thing I know of that’s changed on this topic in the past years is that the notion that the viral disease in issue was not necessarily a recent one, but rather an illness you might have had years before, long before the diabetes reared its ugly head.   Whatever the case, you had to possess “the right set of enzymes,” doctors tell me.

What viral link am I talking about this? Read on…

Type 1 Diabetes – A Viral Thing?

Here is something I have been curious about for a very long moment. For a while I have been corresponding with a number of adult “late-onset” Type 1 (LADA) diabetics such as myself who have been advised their disease manifested itself because of a virus. Unusual, but a leading theory…

I looked into this and discovered that the medical profession is pretty much still baffled about why people get Type 1 diabetes as adults. If we possess the “hereditary propensity,” why doesn’t it manifest itself sooner? Adult-onset does seem to be increasingly more regular, but should this be if Type 1 isn’t brought on by poor diet or lifestyle?

Basically this site tells us that “some investigators believe one or viral infections may cause the disease in genetically vulnerable individuals.” These investigators suggest:

* An infection introduces a viral protein that resembles a beta-cell protein

* T cells and antibodies are tricked by this similarity to assaulting the beta protein in Addition to the virus

* 2 individuals might be infected with the Exact Same virus and only one of them who’s genetically likely will go on to develop diabetes

* Among the viruses under scrutiny (suspected of triggering the significant D) are enteric viruses, which attack the intestinal tract. Coxsackie viruses are an enteric virus of specific attention.

* BUT: A study has indicated that respiratory disease during a child’s first year might actually be protective against diabetes, possibly priming the immune response so that it is better able to respond to alien organisms later on.

Gotcha. As usual, the theory seems fairly reasonable, but there is also fascinating evidence to indicate the reverse.

It does seem fairly clear that adult-onset Sort 1 is brought about by the killer combo of genetic programming and also some kind of physical weakness, if you may. In my instance, I was completely run down and likely would have been hospitalized for advanced-stage Rock-Star exhaustion if the diabetes hadn’t hit me. Ugh…

A few more links of interest that discuss the virus theory include:

Not only medically, but psychologically, the pursuit for WHY is obviously crucial… no?

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