Wayback Wednesday: Diabetes Appreciation?

Following is a new theme idea for National Diabetes Awareness Month: making peace with your illness. For those folks who have diabetes, enlarged consciousness is nice to own, but does not necessarily change anything.   This train of thought brought me back to my oldest daughter’s little challenge a few years ago… children are fantastic for making you look at things through fresh eyes:

A Brassy Little Game

“Would you rather spend two days at the boys’ locker room, or get slimed?” my 9-yr-old asks.

“Would You Rather…?” Is her game.

“Um, slimed, I think,” I reply, screwing up my face (because I lurch around the kitchen, trying to conquer my personal Best at emptying the dishwasher).

“Would you rather get 100 cupcakes with icing — even if you can’t eat them get your diabetes treated?”

“Oh, simple,” I state. “Cure the diabetes.”

“But Mother, then you would not have that cool site, and also be writing that novel, and performing that paper thing to get dLife, and all that, right?”

She really said that. I froze (mid-silverware-basket).

“Yeah, you are right, honey. I guess I really can’t imagine where my life could be right now without the diabetes my body could certainly do without it.”

What a match that is brassy.

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