Shakin’ It on World Diabetes Day!

I hope to also catch a drink with dLife TV co-host Jim Turner. I really like that WDD presents such a fantastic chance to connect with other PWDs from all over the world and all over the nation. Can not wait to see images of all those monuments lit up in effervescent blue!

Speaking of drinking and eating and observing on this historic day, I’d like to introduce you all to a new sound sensation within our D-Community, ShugaSheen.

It is possible to download “All the Diabetics” at no cost, here.

Of course it’s a bit of goofy fun, but can there be a serious side to Cherise and George’s hip-hop alter egos (Suga and Sheen) as well:

“We know that it’s absurd but the words into the song are fantastic for both type 1’s and 2’s. It is not about pumps or insulin. It is about understanding carbohydrates, testing your blood, and we take about the diabetes police.

“The notion behind SugaSheen was going to make a fun video which was not just entertaining but educational. 1 thing all sorts of people with diabetes should know is in what they’re eating, what the count is, and they should test their blood sugar levels. After that, it really depends on their treatment and how they handle their illness but these 2 things we all can relate.

We also could have a shot at the Diabetes Police. I know in no tact, no regard for my knowledge, and honestly my entire life people have told me that I can not consume something when they have no clue.

In the long run, we believe we made a fun video into a song most people already know. We hope this will definitely stick in your heads and you will recall that if you need it then you will need to know the carbohydrates in it and if you would like it then you have got to know your blood sugar.”

Happy WDD into Sheen and Suga, and to all their friends, along with my PWD buddies, and so and so Forth!

And remember, at 2pm your time today, to test and post your blood sugar levels for your BIG BLUE TEST — the largest online “test-in” in history! You may read about it, and post your results here.

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