NHS England Strategy for diabetes

NHS England has declared a new outline for diabetes care to help enhance and decrease the variation of attention.

The NHS RightCare Pathway: Diabetes highlights the components needed for an optimal diabetes service for people who have or are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and type 1. The pathway aims to deliver diabetes care with greater value concerning cost and outcomes.

The pathway hopes that commissioners and an optimal service will think about their diabetes service and compare it. The pathway offers advice for commissioners about how improvements could be delivered through optimisation of pathways that are local.

NHS England has also provided a list of examples of good practice that commissioners and providers may use to help implement integrated care in their local areas.

The diabetes pathway has been created alongside the clinical director for Johnathan Valabhji and Obesity, Diabetes, associate national director for Diabetes, Partha Kar, the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, Public Health England, Diabetes UK and a range of stakeholders.

The pathway describes issues surrounding diabetes . It says that there are almost 1 million individuals with type 2 diabetes which 50 percent of those diagnosed aren’t being educated about diabetes. So 60% of kind 1 and 40% of type 2 diabetes aren’t finishing care procedures.

Seven priority areas are identified from the pathway such as reducing amputations, decreasing the quantity of type 2 diabetes cases, improved detection of the illness care planning safety and reducing hospital errors.

Dr Partha Kar, stated: “The theme that runs throughout is the need to decrease variation, foundation interventions on signs and gain maximum benefit, clinically as well as on a fiscal basis. These are exciting times for diabetes care with accessibility of interventions and their transformation funds with NHS Improvement also considering reducing variation from NHS England focussing.

“Only time will tell how powerful those priorities are but it surely helps set the tone for areas to concentrate on. The challenge today is for many systems to dovetail into delivering these seven priorities with assistance from many stakeholders such as clinical programs, the NHS RightCare group not to mention the NHS England diabetes team.”

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