News From AADE: Diabetes Data Breaking Free!

We are going to be bringing you a few full reports from Wil on both seminar sessions and product updates, beginning with this one on some of the most fascinating breaking news about the diabetes device & data entrance which simply can’t wait… because, hey, #WeAreNotWaiting!

Snap Vacuum to Smartphone – Wow!

Next-Gen Snap 2
Next-gen Asante Snap pump (under glass) that could share data on a smartphone, combined with Dexcom CGM data

Pump-maker Asante Solution’s CEO David Thrower wowed a packed-house at the Universal Theaters Orlando Blue Man series last night by demo’ing a next-gen Snap pump which sends pump data straight to an iPhone. The telephone could also send bolus instructions to the pump, and — are you sitting down? — receive Dexcom CGM signs!

On Thursday night he publicly declared a new venture with Dexcom for full integration of the two company’s future apparatus, but they’ll meet on neutral ground — the smart phone. Thrower said his company recognized that it did not make sense to incorporate CGM data into a pump once the smartphone is the most commonly used electronic device.   In what could only be called a masterful presentation, Asante’s Thrower took the AADE conference audience through a demonstration that involved a website and cartridge change, a CGM blood sugar test, and a bolus dose which was immediately texted into the crowd.

All brought together that little smartphone so many of us carry around. Diabetes device integration , abound!

(Dexcom expects to file its G5 with FDA over the next several months, along with also the integration will follow.)

Dexcom + Insulet + Tidepool

The Asante news wasn’t the sole Dexcom integration declared this week. Two days before, Dexcom and Insulet declared their venture allowing their future tech to perform together. Yep, the two businesses that had promised for years to incorporate their OmniPod patch pump and Dexcom CGM, parted ways early a year ago stating their alliance had fallen apart. Now, they’ve rekindled that relationship, announcing on Tuesday that the future Dexcom G5 sensor data will be displayed on the next-gen OmniPod Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) that is in development. A huge win for consumers of both!

Source: Fast Company

Then comes the both huge and fascinating news which Dexcom is the second company to join the nonprofit Tidepool campaign in creating an open-source data platform, where data from different diabetes apparatus could be drawn together into one location, where consumers can get it freely and programmers can build new apps to optimize its value. Dexcom made that statement on Wednesday during its second quarter earnings call, saying it would allow for retrospective CGM data in the next-gen G5 sensor to be shared on the Tidepool platform. Obviously, Asante was the very first to join with Tidepool in January, so now that we have a pump and CGM maker on board, more businesses will follow their lead!

This information follows Dexcom’s openly stated commitment in June that it would pursue an “open architecture” approach to diabetes info, including creating an “Authorized by Dexcom” credential mark to indicate that devices and apps are compatible with their CGM data.

The California CGM company is tripling down to this particular commitment to open architecture, taking heed of the #WeAreNotWaiting movement that is bringing us things like the NightScout alternative — a community-created attempt to see CGM data on any device we want, rather than be bound to a specific company’s protocols and products.

Are you sensing a theme, here?

Yep, it is unlocking our diabetes info, allowing us to personalize it to how we want to utilize it in our own lives!

And speaking of personalizing our diabetes tools…

Design Your Own Insulin Pump

Asante also launched an app yesterday called MySnap, “the world’s very first and only customizable insulin pump.” No, we’re not just talking about covers or stickers here. By picking face plates, frames, and colors online it is possible to create near-personal insulin pumps over 250 mixes, which the company will then build for you. We can’t wait to see how this goes over… You are able to play around with the possibilities at their MySnap page.

Asante Snap - MySnap

Personalized pumps?! That will eventually permit you to share data and have access to it anywhere, anytime, in any format you desire? Along with CGM data, also?!

In a word, it is frickin’ amazing. OK, that was two words.

You can purchase your personalized pump now and it’ll be delivered in November. Asante also exhibited three possible versions of it’s color display next-gen pump, and this will be accessible in 2015.

Present Snap users can update to MySnap for $99. And Thrower claims that with every one of the newest technology updates, existing customers can trade up for just $99 as well.

That is pretty exciting news, and we’re so glad so many D-Advocates were able to be present at AADE to hear it straight from Asante.

Seriously, though, think about the bigger picture on most this for a moment.

We have, for the very first time, among the main CGM players partnered up to some extent with just about every insulin pump maker in existence. Just look at the list: OmniPod and Asante Snap with CGM data integration, and Animas and Tandem both with their respective pump-CGM combo apparatus being reviewed FDA as we talk.

Clearly missing from that list are: Medtronic, that clearly manufactures its own all-in-one CGM/pump combo and related Carelink software; and Roche, that had previously partnered with Dexcom but declared that development agreement in February 2013 after Roche chose to start focusing on its own inner CGM strategy.

However, add the fact that we view Dexcom involved with almost all the worldwide artificial pancreas trials and is now on board with Tidepool’s open source platform, and you have the makings of incredible D-device data sharing possible here.

This means that the next generation of most of our D-devices will allow us the freedom of choice we’ve been clamoring for: choosing any pump we want to associate with other products, and obtaining where and how we desire.

As was pointed out recently in our D-Community, this is actually the period of innovation! The environment is truly changing and we’re closer to open data than ever before. We must give a big nod and thumbs up to Dexcom, Asante (again) and Tidepool (one more time) for transferring the needle. Many questions exist each one these news announcements, but right now it is just nice to simmer from the excitement somewhat, and smile as we observe the momentum pick up.

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