New diabetes breakthrough


There is a new breakthrough in the fight against diabetes and it is available right here in Palm Beach County.

The FDA approved device that is making it easier for individuals 14 years old or older to manage their Type 1 diabetes.

“I like sports and I love fishing, also,” said Colton Smith.

Colton is a junior in Jupiter Christian School where he plays football.

His life changed when doctors diagnosed him with Type 1 diabetes two years ago.

“I have to take insulin before I eat each time,” Colton said.

He carried needles and pens together with him 24-7, but that’s come to an end.

Now he’s carrying this insulin pump known as the MiniMed 670g by Medtronic.

“Moving from eight injections a day to one shot two to three days is definitely life-changing,” explained Dr. Miladys Palau, Pediatric Endocrinologist in Nicklaus Children’s Palm Beach Gardens Outpatient Center.

Palau clarified how the automatic pump differs to other insulin pumps.

“Basically the sensor is sending a message to the pump every five minutes telling the pump what is the blood glucose, how fast it’s going up or going down. Hence the pump can compute exact insulin doses to contribute to the individual,” Palau said.

“I have heard some moms say they have not slept a wink since their child was diagnosed,” said Barbara Nicklaus.

Barbara, the wife of golfing great Jack Nicklaus, said she is pleased to find moms such as Colton’s, have some feeling of peace.

“He could just go out and be free,” Jean Smith said.

Having the ability to hit the football field without worrying about his health.

“I am able to enjoy what I do more frequently and not be worried about it while I am doing these things,” Colton said.

The pump costs about $7,000 plus about $1,200 per month to replace the sensors. Dr. Palau explained the pump is covered under certain insurance firms.

She told CBS12 children eight years and older can utilize the pump only in the discretion of the physician.

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