What It’s Like Waking Up With Type 1 Diabetes

depression is consuming me again, and that I wished to have the ability to exist inside my head for a little bit longer.

However, I have to be weary of mornings like this. When I wake up going off or feeling like I want to sleep for a few more hours, it’s generally a hint I have either a low or a high blood glucose.

Because I didn’t want my levels to get too high or too low, I had to force myself from bed to prick my finger, and then I waited… The amount looking back at me suggested I need to consume some sugar before I began to feel even lower. I drank some juice and walked into my kitchen. And then I waited… back again.

Days like this are rare, but they’re nonetheless annoying occurrences. Before I will start to feel in control of my body, I have to wait around for the sugar to flood my blood before I will check my levels again. Once I feel comfortable with my studying, I will continue about my daily life.

I start to get ready just like everyone else. But unlike everyone else, I need to test my levels again. I need to count the amount of carbohydrates I’ll be consuming. I need to start my day doing mathematics, simple mathematics but mathematics, to calculate the correct dose of insulin to inject myself with.

I have to figure out how many carbs are in the lunch I am packaging for myself. I need to be sure I have fast-acting carbohydrates along with carbohydrates on hand to help bring up and help maintain my amounts. I need to be sure I have enough lancets and test strips on hand, that I’ve enough and back up batteries insulin to your day.

I don’t get a day off. Until it actually goes off, I don’t get the joy of waking up before my alarm simply and roll over. I have to wake up each day and start from the beginning.

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Stock photo by Katarzyna Bialasiewicz