Losing 1 Gram Pancreas Fat Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

As long as that fat comes from the pancreas, research workers in the united kingdom have revealed losing one gram of fat could be enough to reverse the symptoms of type 2 diabetes –.

It is already understood that weight loss can significantly help manage type 2 diabetes – a progressive state where the body either ceases having the ability to create enough insulin, or becomes insensitive to it – but this is the very first time that researchers have demonstrated the precise kind of weight loss that is needed to get the state in check.

The study followed 18 overweight players with type 2 diabetes before and after gastric bypass surgery. Using a superb sensitive MRI scan, the researchers disclosed the diabetics had abnormally high amounts of fat built up without type 2 diabetes the insulin-producing organ – even in comparison to other overweight individuals in their own pancreas –.
But the operation helped them to burn that fat off, enabling them to come off their drugs and restoring their insulin levels to normal.

The results indicate that excessive fat in the pancreas is unique to type 2 diabetes, and is clogging up the standard release of insulin.

“When that extra fat is removed, insulin secretion increases to normal levels,” a Newcastle University press release describes. “In other words, they were diabetes free.”

It is a rather unbelievable discovery, but sadly it is not quite as easy as selecting where it comes from and only losing a little weight.

“If you ask how much weight you must lose to get your diabetes go away, the response is 1 g! But that g must be fat from the pancreas,” said lead researcher Roy Taylor. “At present the only method we need to realize this is by calorie restriction by any means – whether by diet or an operation.”

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