Leeks and Type 2 Diabetes

Leeks resemble a spring onion/ scallion, just much wider in their stems. And that is because they are part of the onion family, making them a relation to shallots, garlic, chives, and scallions.

They provide a yummy flavor already.

Leeks Nutrition Facts

  • Leeks are very low in carbs, supplying only 32 calories a cup cooked
  • Leeks are a Superb source of vitamin K
  • Leeks Offer key minerals such as manganese, copper, and folate

Health Benefits of Leeks

  • Vitamin K allows blood to clot and also fortifies the bones and heart
  • Manganese is essential for metabolism and bone formation
  • Copper is required for development, cell formation, brain development, and sugar transport
  • Folate is an Integral coenzyme Required for protein and DNA synthesis

Research on Leeks Specific to T2 Diabetes

Even though there isn’t lots of research on leeks specifically, since they are tied in closely with garlic and the household, thus, we are able to surmise similar health advantages.

Factors for Consideration

Leeks contain fructans and oligosaccharides. These are carbohydrates which colonize and ferment in the colon. Some individuals have difficulty, although this is beneficial for many people and if after a FODMAPs diet, IBS sufferers will want to steer clear of leek.

Leeks and Diabetes Conclusion

Leeks at the Kitchen


Look for leeks which are company and dark green, not limp, not wilted or dried outside. The bulbs have a few small roots, unblemished and must be undamaged. Smaller leeks (<1.5 inches diameter) will probably be more tender than bigger leeks.


Leeks should be stored in a refrigerator crisper wrapped in plastic and will keep for up to two weeks. Don’t wash or cut until ready to use.


Leeks can be sliced finely and chucked raw into salads, added to stir fries, boiled and used as a wrap for filling (similar to cabbage rolls), or else they make a wonderful foundation for soups and stews.


Poach or Sauteleeks at a bit or olive oil or broth 5-10 minutes or until just tender.

Boil leeks 20-30 minutes or until tender.

Fryleeks in 1 Tablespoon of butter or coconut oil until crispy and browned about 5-10 minutes.

Cutting Approaches

Slice the very tips of the roots offbe continual motions, slicing the vegetable partway up the stem. As you get further up toward the darker color, you might want to discard the endings, which are much more bitter and harder. However, they are edible and may be chucked into soup stocks or stir fries.

Once cutting, wash between layers as there are plenty of cracks and pockets for dirt and grit to become lodged. And also a gritty meal does not make for a nice one!

Here are a couple of videos with chefs showing a few different chopping techniques off

Leek Recipes

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