It’s not that difficult to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Expert Says

As a growing middle class globally have more sugar, meat, pop, and other processed foods, the amount of individuals suffering from the obesity-associated disorder type-2 diabetes has quadrupled in the last 40 years, to some 400 million people globally.

The disorder, where the body doesn’t procedure or generate insulin correctly, has been considered incurable and chronic, a condition that just gets worse with age—so attempts have focused on prevention. But new research indicates that, following an extreme diet, for some individuals already diagnosed with diabetes could turn the disorder.

An extreme diet strategy was created by researchers at Newcastle University for a little trial involving 30 type-2 diabetes patients. For eight weeks, the patients drank three times daily to a diet milkshake and ate some 200 grams of non-starchy vegetables, totaling about 700 calories a day.

At the ending of the regimen, the average weight loss among participants was about 14 kg (33 pounds). And in many of them, the diabetes vanished. Almost half the participants had no symptoms of diabetes for almost six months after they went back to eating. The results of the study were published in Diabetes Care.

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