India sees alarming rise in diabetes

NEW DELHI — when he begins feeling dizzy and helpless, a sign that his blood sugar levels are dipping, Rohin Sarin is midway through his geography class. Rohin is among an increasing number of Indians with diabetes, the disease children and teens from the fast-growing South Asian nation. The changes have caused a sharp rise together with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes as India has some of the planet’s worst levels and stunted youth growth because of a paucity of foods. India likely has millions instances which have not been diagnosed due to a lack of awareness and public health centers outside cities, and has 70 million diabetics, though it does not have any data on how many are kids. Alarmed by the trend, the government is working to screen 500 million individuals aged 30 and older for diabetes and other non-communicable ailments by 2019, and finally hopes to roll out the screening system into the entire 1.3 billion population.

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