Hundreds step out to stop diabetes

PALM DESERT, Calif. – The American Diabetes Association hosted its Yearly Measure Walk to stop diabetes Saturday. Countless families. For your Machado family the disease hits close to home, impacting Ronnie.

“It changed everything about it, really. Just always having to be on top his blood glucose,” explained Ronnie’s dad Stephen Machado.

The family made it a point to be at the Step Walk with hundreds of other families dealing with the disease.

“It makes us feel as though everybody is our family. It’s another level of understanding when someone is living with the disease or taking care of someone with the disease,” explained Ronnie’s mom Vanessa Machado.

The goal: raise awareness and money in order to fight with diabetes.

“Trying to raise $120,000 is the goal for this occasion. However, it’s also an awareness event. So not only are we fundraising but we have educational materials about prevention,” development manager      Molly Soliman said.

She said it’s a disease.

“30 million Americans have diabetes and there is about 86 million who have pre-diabetes and a lot of people don’t know about it and people who have it don’t know that they have it,” Soliman said.

That is precisely why it’s important to get information. Due to modern technology and medication, in Addition to a positive outlook the future seems bright for Ronnie

“Because of his pump and Dexcom we could be off at work or anywhere and see what his blood sugars are during the day. He did pretty good with his very first soccer season and we are hoping he can join a number of other sports and continue college full time,” Vanessa Machado said.

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