Holiday Wisdom in the Diabetes Community

Here’s a Throwback Thursday thing you won’t want to overlook: As we head into the 2015 Holiday Season we wanted to revisit the amazing hints we gathered from you — the Diabetes Community — for surviving the holidays with diabetes a couple of years back. Anyone remember our crowdsourced Nuggets of Wisdom from the Diabetes Community e-book?

Amazing that it has been almost seven whole years (!) Because we published this booklet back in January 2009, following our interactive contest in which hundreds of fellow PWDs (people with diabetes) sent in their hints and techniques about surviving the holiday season. My, how time flies when you’re having fun and pretending to be a pancreas, ay?!

What’s maybe more astonishing is that the hints offered are every bit as relevant today as they were a couple of decades back.

In case you had not heard of the e-book earlier, it’s a selection of experiences written by PWDs in the hopes of earning the lives of others a little bit simpler throughout the year (not limited to the holiday season). These hints are divided into six classes:

  • Anxiety
  • Exercise
  • Travel
  • Diabetes Police
  • Food

Sound like anything you could use some help on? Yeah, us too! See some of our fave hints pulled from the e-book, under.

We must once again send a massive special thanks to each of the D-peeps that were pivotal in creating this e-book happen, particularly Gina Capone, who volunteered her graphic design skills.

Some Fave Diabetes Tips

“I put everything on a calendar, including the final minute gift shopping and a couple of trips to the gym. My diabetes control goes out the window when I must eat whatever is handy, and that I worry about having too much to do. Advance preparation allows for a much better diet, more exercise, and much less anxiety.” — Meg

“I have stopped feeling obligated to attend every thing I’m invited to. I select what I will attend. I have the opportunity to overeat with exercise. I read for 20 minutes before bed to relax my overactive mind. This allows me to sleep much better. I do much better with anxiety when I am well-rested.” — Joan

“This sounds a little mad, but during cold weather (especially around the holidays) my buddies and I really do walking laps around the mall. Just dodging the people makes for a workout, and we have a massive monitor to go around. People viewing, and the trendy things in the shop windows keep us totally entertained for at least an hour and each day differs.” — Lesli

“Turn the radio on! What’s your favorite music? Find it. Turn it up and move around. If its only mepersonally, I find some enjoyable music and I just dance around the area. I amuse them, if someone else is there. You will break a sweat by going… and have lots of fun.” — Andrea

“Travel far, travel challenging. Always have a doctors letter regarding your diabetes. Get duplicate prescriptions of your own supplies and medication. Pick out the phone numbers for your health care providers, pump firm, insurer.” — SLeal

“Pack all your essentials on your carry on luggage. Don’t place something that is essential on your luggage that you don’t take on the airplane with you. I pack so if any bag is missing, I have what is needed with me. I also pack my carry on bags so, if there is no longer any room on the airplane, and they need to spend the carry-on away, I can eliminate my essentials and keep to carry them onto the airplane in a smaller bag that I put under the seat.” — David


“I usually tell them that diabetes is exceptional in the way it manifests itself in each person and what each diabetic can eat and the amount differs in each of us. We’re all different, just like snowflakes.” — Debbie

“Say ‘Thanks for your concern.’ Smile. Change the topic. Repeat. In my experience, the diabetes police are not usually loved ones (at least not after the first couple of decades).” — Mollyjade


“I do not allow myself to pick at foods. If I am going to eat I need to put it onto a plate at which I will have the ability to check at the portion size, etc.. This makes it simpler for me to determine carbs of the meals. I really do look at my Calorie King publication to help me gauge the carbohydrates.” — Tarra

“I concentrate on eating the stuff >which only incrementally increases my blood sugar level, i.e., fat and protein. (It’s also the satiating material!) Meaning I eat cheese and meat and non-starchy veggies (i.e., cauliflower and broccoli). It means that I do not eat the bread around sandwiches, or even the tortillas around wraps. Should I eat anything floury, then it needs to be excellent, like homemade shortbreads ( then only one — when I can).” — Mark

Any suggestions that are new to contribute? Please tell us in the comments below.

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