Herbal medicine for diabetes kills four

After drinking a poisonous medication which he maintained hypertension and diabetes A self-styled doctor and three of his patients died in a south Indian village, officials said.

Once they drank the concoction prepared by the doctor in his clinic in Alagappuram village in Tamil Nadu on Sunday another patient is in a crucial state in a hospital.

“They were unconscious and vomiting and have been shifted to hospital where a number of them died,” said local police officer Muthiah, that only uses one name.

The doctor, named by police as Muthupandi drank the mix before committing it from the village, to show its efficacy, the police officer told AFP.

Muthupandi visited villages in the area to treat patients and promised to conduct a practice in the nearby city of Tenkasi.

The officer had a criminal history and said police suspect the Muthupandi only posed as a doctor. Detectives have purchased a thorough investigation.

“There are not very many theft cases against him but nothing is conclusive. We are assessing if he had some medical eligibility” he said.

Government doctor Jasline Rajiah said viscera samples were sent off for analysis at a laboratory.

“It apparently looks like a case of poisoning,” Rajiah told AFP.

Thousands of Indians largely in rural regions fall prey to people posing as doctors in a state where healthcare system remains gloomy.

Many claim to be traditional professionals of medical systems such as Ayurvedic and Siddha that rely on herbal medications.

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