Almost six per cent of cancers diagnosed at 2012 – some 800,000 cases – were brought on by extra and diabetes weight, according to a study.

One of the 12 kinds of cancer examined, the ratio of cases was as high researchers reported in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

Cancers stemming from obesity and diabetes combined has been as common among women than men, they found.

And being overweight or obese – over 25 – was in charge of twice as many cancers as diabetes.

As obesity is itself a leading risk factor for diabetes the conditions, in fact, are often seen together.

“While obesity has been associated with cancer for some time, the connection between cancer and diabetes has just been demonstrated very recently,” explained lead author Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, a clinical research fellow at Imperial College London’s Faculty of Medicine.

“Our study shows that diabetes – either on its own or blended with being overweight – is in charge of thousands and thousands of cancer cases each year across the world.”

The tally worse has been caused by A spike in the states over the last four years, the study showed.

The global growth in diabetes between 1980 and 2002 accounted for a quarter of those 800,000 instances, whereas the epidemic over precisely the period resulted in an additional 30.

For men in less than 20 years, the talk of cancers will increase on current trends, the researchers warned.

“In the past, smoking has been by far the major risk factor for cancer, but health care professionals should also be aware that patients who have diabetes or are overweight have an elevated risk,” Pearson-Stuttard explained.

While for women they were in charge of a third of esophageal cancers, and almost as many instances of breast cancer for men, diabetes and obesity accounted for at least 40 per cent of liver cancers.

The threshold for obesity is a BMI – one’s weight in kilos divided by the height of one (in centimetres) squared – of 30.

To conduct the study, researchers gathered information on cases of 12 kinds of cancer in 175 nations in 2012, and matched it with information on diabetes and weight.

People who have a BMI of 25 to 29.9 are considered to be overweight. – AFP

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Cancers stemming from obesity and diabetes combined has been almost Two times as common among women compared to men, they found

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