Diabetes drug may help treat breast cancer

Chinese researchers have found that a drug used as a treatment for diabetes may be effective against a kind of breast cancer.

breast cancer.   More than 70,000 people die from breast cancer in China every year, according to the national cancer centre.   Triple-negative breast cancer is very aggressive one of the four clinical subtypes of breast cancer, Xinhua news agency quoted Dong Chenfang, a professor at Zhejiang University School of Medicine, as expression. It has a tendency to rapidly spread or spread to the lungs and brain. There are no effective therapies for this kind of breast cancer, which is often fatal, ” he said.  

Dong and his colleagues found that the levels of a metabolic enzyme called AKR1B1 were substantially elevated in triple-negative breast cancer cells and that this was correlated with elevated levels of metastasis and shorter survival.   The researchers also found epalrestat, a drug that inhibits AKR1B1 and is approved in Japan to take care of diabetic complications, managed to block the growth and metastasis of the cancer cells.   Dong reported the finding is still in the experimental stage. (Read: How is breast cancer distinct in Indian ladies? )

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