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I want to thank the a lot of people who reacted to last week’s posting** on talking publicly about being unfaithful (lots of mails). It is crucial that you know that most of you are quite open about your diabetes, at least in your individual lives. (Although I have to keep my eyes peeled in public restrooms — our No.1 refuge, it sounds.)

A number of people were skeptical about “talking” at work, and suggested that a “need-to-know” policy to avoid any branding. A couple of people stated it was important to tell your supervisor, for sure, but not till you are through interviewing and well recognized in the job (!)

I even got some sympathy for my “not needing to take care of it” issue: one seemingly well-adjusted fellow Type 1 writes: “I completely understand what you mean … so many people understand so little about diabetes, and also what they do ‘understand’ is about their 77 year-old aunt with Type 2.” Precisely!

A fast note of response to the new dLife TV showthe majority of us seem to agree that it was boring, and clearly “a medication company/equipment sales pitch from begin to finish,” as The Diabetes Blog reader Lance Lavery points outside. Disappointed!

(**Publisher’s Note: My March 13 post “Out of the Closet, or NOT” has also been reprinted with permission to the DiabetesMonitor.com.)

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