Diabetes Blog Week 2016: Key Advocacy Messages

That is the 7th year in a row our very outspoken D-community is coming together to rally round the exact same topic each day for a complete week.

If you remember, this campaign was spearheaded by fellow type 1 Karen Graffeo at Connecticut who sites at . Karen created this annual week-long blog carnival for a way for heaps of D-bloggers (over 100 engaging each year!) To create an unprecedented sharing of viewpoints on topics relating to our illness. You can find out more about this endeavor, and sign up yourself if interested, here.

For Opening the topic is Messages:

Let’s kick off the week by discussing why we’re hereat the diabetes blog space. What’s the diabetes awareness message to you personally? Why do you find it important, and what exactly are you attempting to accomplish by sharing it on your blog?

Diabetes Blog Week 2016

OK, honestly… where can we begin?! We can probably write a 9,000-word post about diabetes awareness messages from, “Yes, we CAN eat that,” to “There is no such things as ‘the terrible kind’ of diabetes,” to “Hey Hollywood, here are the FACTS about diabetes,” to “Listen up, CMS and insurers, people with diabetes need real support for their wellbeing!”

I began DiabetesMine 11 years ago from a deep desire to connect with other PWDs, to find a “reality check” of types and discover ways that we can help inform and support each other. And man, has got the community!

Today, our collective beliefs are creating waves on some of the most important messages within our D-World:

Our view is that everyone in the community brings their own unique voice, abilities, and yes… even messages to the community via their writing and offline efforts. It’s an expanding universe of connection, data and story-sharing, and advocacy.

Watching this develop has been quite the ride within the last decade, Mike and I concur!

We see our role here at the ‘Mine in role as one of amplifying all those voices — helping get out the word about what’s happening, and oftentimes how you can get involved with the hottest advocacy message of this day. Yes of course, they rotate, depending on current events at the health and D-world.

If there’s 1 message I’d love to highlight today, it is these advocacy pushes (on CGM and aggressive bidding, etc.) need to be elevated above and beyond our own DOC bubble. For instance, I’ve been working to capture the attention of major business publications (believe WSJ, NYT, etc.) on the latest UnitedHealthcare / Medtronic transfer to confine insulin pump access. I don’t know whether I’ll be successful, but I guarantee you nothing will change whether we are only talking amongst ourselves within the tight-knit T1D community.

That is part of the reason why we were pleased to combine San Francisco-based Healthline Media this past year, as a way to help bring information and advocacy on the realities of diabetes to more people.

Last time we wrote about the very important Diabetes Messages, we concentrated on unity among the community. We stand behind this — not in the sense which everyone will agree on everything clearly, but we ought to avoid sniping at each other (T1 vs. T2, etc.) and rather concentrate on representing all our best interests to the world away from the DOC.

That is our opinion, I guess.

More on why words matter is coming later this week with Wednesday’s D-Blog Week concentrate on Language.

Happy D-Blog Week sharing, All!

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