Control your Diabetes in a Smarter Way

Life has become faster, smarter and many probably better. And along with it comes the quick spreading life-style diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 90 percent of individuals around the world who suffer with diabetes suffer with type 2 diabetes that’s a result of our changing life-style. The body cannot produce enough insulin to control the elevated sugar level in blood which finally affects multiple organs and create bigger complicacies.

However, every problem in life comes with a remedy and so does diabetes. The best possible way to control diabetes is by supplying enough insulin to the body. Although injecting insulin on a regular basis was the most frequent method, recent developments have presented us better and safer devices which are more accurate and easier to handle. This guide will let you know about the different modes available which will allow you to control diabetes at a smarter way and allow you to save time.

Insulin Pens-“A pencil is mightier than a sword” and also an insulin pen is better than a syringe. Insulin pens are a less painful process of insulin delivery. It helps the user to twist a dial and pick the required dose of insulin which gets injected beneath the skin by a fine disposable needle fitted by the user at the tip of the pencil before the usage.

They Are Usually available in two types-
The disposable pencils
 The ribbons that are reusable.

Both the forms are gaining popularity as
• they’re portable and easy to handle.
• Saves time.
• Enables choice of true dose.

Mostly used in United States, it can acquire popularity throughout the world due to its convenience.

Insulin Pumps- This really is the best available method for the super active people. The pump allows insulin delivery during the day based on a customized plan made for the particular patient. The pump is generally a tiny device worn throughout the waist. The insulin is delivered via a soft tube set inserted into the tissue beneath the skin and the infusion set is transformed after each 3-4 days. Often glucose monitors are attached to the pump which automatically calculates and urges insulin levels required for a meal or to correct a post-meal high.

The system is gaining popularity as
• It allows precise dosing.
• It allows flexibility of meal time and amount.
• It preserves the basal (normal amount during the day) and bolus (dose required at the meal time) level.

Injection Ports- Sometimes multiple doses per day is needed and it often leads to multiple punctures in the skin. Using an injection port may be an easier alternative to the problem. It features a soft cannula that is inserted into the skin. The syringe never touches the skin and medication is straight delivered in the subcutaneous tissue. The outcome is a painless, comfortable means of drug delivery. The interface is altered after a couple of days.

This Is an Excellent choice of insulin delivery as
• Multiple doses per day causing multiple punctures on the skin may be prevented.
• It s painless and comfortable. So is convenient for your kids and the older.
• It may be used during normal activities such as showering, bathing and exercising.

Injection Aids- Most of the diabetic patients throughout the world take their daily doses themselves or with the help of some relatives and the majority of them are not medical-experts. There are a few tricky parts involved in injecting that often makes the process complex for your daily users in a daily basis. The injection aids just make the injecting process easier and convenient.

A few common guides accessible are
• Bottle holder using syringe guide- This empowers change of bottle without removing the syringe.
• Syringe and vial magnifier- This allows to magnify the markings which allow better visibility. Also at times light is provided with the system which helps to see that the calibrations and air bubbles present.
• Auto-injectors- A spring loaded injection is present which allows inserting the injection by pushing a button. So the issues that arise due to unsteady hands can be readily prevented.

Before using any of these….

These alternative modes are safe and convenient only if the patient knows her or his needs and which manner of medication is the best suited. It’s absolutely necessary to consult a physician prior to taking up any of these practices. Good understanding about addressing the appliance is a must. Regular monitoring of sugar level, consulting the doctor and a better handled food-habit and life-style is required along with some of the described methods to help keep the problem in check.

The Future of “Alternative modes of Diabetes control”
With the spread of the disease throughout the world, researches have become popular for constant insulin delivery and tracking the blood-glucose level. Quicker methods are expected to come up in near future which will be very much accessible and convenient for individuals around the world. Diabetes can be kept under control only if it better known and dealt with better ease and relaxation.

Finally I would like to end this article stating that prevention is better than cure. Although all these sound very convenient, the best alternative still available is not being affected by this disease. Try to healthy and fit in the first location. Stay diabetes-free, stay happy.

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