Book Review: Conquering Diabetes, at Last

I received a copy of “Conquering Diabetes” by Dr. Anne Peters a few weeks ago. I must admit : I feel very guilty for letting it sit so long in my desk while some are clamoring for duplicates… I know they’re, so I asked my mother (recently identified as “pre-diabetic”) to take a look at it and tell me exactly what she believed. They put her on a long waiting list in the library. What a book that is popular! And now I believe I understand why…

It’s clearly written and filled with invaluable information. It intersperses scientific reality with personal stories of people’s diagnosis experiences and struggles with diabetes. It explains, quite literally, everything you need to understand about your diabetes and how to treat it : prevention, identification, eating, exercise, oral medications, insulin, women’s health problems — you name it!

Nevertheless, it’s still a fairly good read. That’s quite a feat for any writer, let alone one of those rare strain of “doctors who can write.”

Also, it makes a fantastic bedside reference publication because the data is broken down to nice, palatable chunks. Which is especially good as it’s mainly aimed at pre-diabetics and new Form 2, who may have difficulty swallowing a massive amount of Diabetes Knowledge all at once. Do not be put off by the “be the perfect diabetic” set on the back cover. All diabetes books seem to sport one.

Mother concurs, btw: “It covers what, explains what’s happening to your body… even the graphs with brand names of medicines are easy to read… it was very realistic… a medical publication that actually kept my interest… I like things that are straight on! ” (Ahem, looks like the apple does not fall far from the tree)

Hudson Street Press, retails for $24.95, or now Amazon. com.

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