Blue Circle to “Unite for Diabetes”

Alongside the red ribbon for AIDS along with the pink ribbon for breast cancer, diabetes has its own recognizable symbol that you can pin for your lapel promote awareness and to show support. The little circle, brainchild of Kari Rosenfeld of the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) and her daughter Clare, today stands large as the symbol of “Unite for Diabetes,” a global campaign for a United Nations Resolution on diabetes. (The blue colour is intended to evoke the colour of the sky).

So what you’re lobbying for by wearing this pin is advocating governments to maneuver the UN Resolution, which calls for:

– awareness and instruction regarding the “devastating individual, social, and economic Effect of diabetes, especially on low and middle income countries

– underscoring its Effect on the most vulnerable and “special needs” groups like young children, the elderly, indiginous peoples, migrant individuals from developing nations and diabetes during pregnancy

This shook me up a little. Living in comfort and the wealth of the US, it’s easy to whine about shortcomings of our healthcare coverage and diabetes’ frustrations while forgetting about the havoc this disorder wreaks in parts of the world.

Get this, from the IDF/ADA briefing now:

Diabetes now affects more than 200 million people globally.

It claims more lives per year than HIV/AIDS, murdering an individual every 10 seconds (!)

Yet comprehension of the global scale of the diabetes threat remains pitifully low.”

Get yourself a circle snare if you’re able to. It’s the least we can do. Information about the effort and logo downloads can be found here.

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