Ascensia Diabetes Care Celebrates Inspirational Girls On World Diabetes Day 2017

Hand on devices has individually painted the portraits of girls from all over the world. They will be published through and online websites to engage members of the public and mobilize them to support World Diabetes Day 2017.

From now, the portraits will be showcased over the Ascensia Diabetes Care Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networking stations, along with videos revealing the painting of each art. The notable women showcased in the Ascensia campaign comprise patients, journalists, scientists, healthcare professionals, caregivers and employees in Ascensia Diabetes Care and partner firm Panasonic Healthcare. The entire set of portraits is also accessible at

The World Diabetes Day theme highlights that diabetes continues to be a global health problem for women. By means of this subject the International Diabetes Federation is promoting the importance of equitable and affordable access for women with diabetes. Presently, one in 10 girls around the world live with diabetes[1]. Many don’t have access to the instruction, care or treatment, leading to diabetes, which may result in serious complications. More than 199 million girls are currently living with diabetes, a figure that’s forecast to rise to 313 million by 2040[1].

Michael Kloss, President and CEO of Ascensia Diabetes Care said: “We are excited to be celebrating World Diabetes Day 2017 by showcasing the wonderful women who have experienced a deep effect on diabetes. As a company that are focused just on diabetes, we are pleased to give our support to raising awareness of this condition and the better way to celebrate World Diabetes Day than highlighting inspirational women that have and will continue to make a substantial difference for individuals with diabetes. We hope that the artworks of these inspiring girls will capture the eye of the public and help to increase awareness of diabetes globally on this crucial awareness day.”

He added: “The achievements of this varied and impactful group of girls are incredible and between them they have made tremendous contributions to the area of diabetes. We shouldn’t forget the many girls that are not part of this effort. The girls who have been profiled here, represent the countless individuals, doctors, nurses, researchers, caregivers and advocates who work tirelessly every day to advance the treatment and management of diabetes.”

To find out more details and show your support for World Diabetes Day by liking, sharing or responding to these pictures, please get the Ascensia World Diabetes Day site page at or the Ascensia Diabetes Care Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networking stations.

1. International Diabetes Federation.

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