Around the Diabetes Blogosphere — December 2012 Edition

Today marks the end of another year, amazingly. Please read our 2012 Year Review to acquire the ‘Mine’s view on the year today almost behind us. We step into a brand new year, tomorrow!

Before that happens, though, we’re looking back at a few of the excellent articles in the Diabetes Online Community this past month. As usual, there are numerous… and we’ve done our best to emphasize a handful that caught our attention in December:

Possibly the biggest thing that happened this month was that NPR ran a story about how social websites can help diabetes sufferers, quoting fellow D-blogger Kerri Sparling. However there was an uproar among the DOC about the piece saying that the value of social media remains unproven, therefore the Diabetes Advocates responded with an Open Letter to NPR, signed by hundreds people D-bloggers!

As if to underline the point, our friend and fellow PWD Scott Strange in Strangely Diabetic composed a string of articles about how his life has changed in recent years, since locating the DOC, in being able to comprehend and address his mental health issues. His first two articles, That Fateful Saturday, also It Would Be So simple, set the stage with this collection of articles that are brave, honest, and incredibly insightful.

Kelly Booth writes about how her goals as a patient have shifted because she found that the DOC, demonstrating once again how much this community means to so many people and how life-changing it could be.

PWD Shara Bialo (among our Patient Voices Competition winners) recounts what it was like over the Thanksgiving holiday when she, a pediatric endo, admitted a record seven children (!) Diagnosed with type 1. But with all the D-diagnosis news, Shara states these families found some silver lining to be thankful for.

Many people have heard it before: A cure is “right around the corner,” maybe only about five years away. D-Dad Scott Benner in Arden’s Day wants caregivers to give it a break, also stop saying cure in the time of diagnosis.

Most of us know the importance of finding a fantastic endo, and Jess Collins over at D and Me has a message for her cherished endo: Please Don’t Retire Anytime Soon!

If your diabetes have been vehicle or a vehicle, what could it be? For D-Mom Meri Schuhmacher, the answer is: an SUV. We love the creativity and metaphor, Meri!

Random D-Meetups IRL (in real life!) Are always enjoyable, and Shannon over at No More Shots For Shannon had the encounter of running into two fellow D-Community members lately and appreciating some arbitrary D-talk.

D-wife Mollie Busby has also found hope from the DOC, finding personal connections not only for her PWD-husband Sean, but for herself as a partner, too. Have a look in her post over at A Sweet Life.

We are not the only ones wrap up the year 2012. Check out Likely Rachel for a Joyful evaluation, also for a thoughtful year-end piece on the Best Way to Take Care of financial issues in the coming year.

Back over at Six Until Me, Kerri and Abby Bayer created a enjoyable holiday-themed vlog that includes their excellent personalities and creative subjects like “the most un-diabetes authorities thing” said by household during the holidays? Women, excellent stuff!

Living with diabetes can often seem overwhelming, and blood tests and insulin dosing and doctors appointments turned into the priorities in our own lives. However, D-Mom , who’s two girls with type 1, offers some advice: You CAN find yourself out of diabetes and here’s the hobby she’s got her sights on for 2013!

And last but definitely not least: This was an exciting year of diabetes information, but PWD Michael Aviad has a look at what could be on the horizon for 2013 in the world of new diabetes solutions.

Thanks to all of you for some fantastic articles this month, also throughout 2012. Obviously, we can’t wait to see what the DOC has in store for 2013!!

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